Autonami vs Other CRMs: A Deep Dive

Damanjeet Singh
June 15, 2021
Autonami vs Other CRMs: A Deep Dive

Autonami vs Alternatives?

Yes, many CRM solutions exist, such as Active Campaign, Klaviyo, FluentCRM, Drip, and more. As a user, you do have a choice to make here. 

It can be hard to choose one, especially when every CRM boasts many features. Each of these solutions is extensive, robust, and built after a lot of research.

But if you're seeking to understand the best option for yourself, you need to go back to understanding why you truly need a CRM. 

In this article, we will not find a winning CRM. But we will help you discover if Autonami works for your specific use cases and if you need to switch. 

Our motto through building this plugin: 
"Execute with depth but never compromise on simplicity"

Based on your preference, you can watch a video or read the points. We would prefer you to do both 🙂

Autonami's Unique Features

As product creators, we did a lot of research.

We didn't want to bring out yet another CRM in 2021 when the market had everything. You too, didn't want a me-too CRM. So we listened closely to what you actually want and how the existing solutions weren't meeting your needs. 

The answer was clear: You wanted a WordPress CRM built for eCommerce that communicates with WooCommerce really well.  And hence, we built features that help Autonami become that.

Let's dive in. 


Ability to create a Field Group and systematically arrange Fields in it. Autonami allows you to visualize the data.

These are vibrant profiles with the data pouring in from WooCommerce. Be it to know which products they purchase, to know their average order values, to lifetime value and even coupons they have used.


Most traditional CRMs are heavily biased towards Lists and Tags. Autonami tries to reduce the dependence on them. We have dynamic segments called Audiences to do that.

For instance, you have a special offer for VIP customers ( example: order count > 2 and total revenue > 500) - In other CRMs, you would have to tag the users as "customers" to figure out how to put order count and total revenue in custom fields. And create automation with some monstrous IF-ELSE conditions.

What a pain!

In Autonami, you can create an audience for "all those users who have order count > 2 and total revenue > $500," and boom... no need for tags or custom fields. Autonami does all the heavy lifting for you.

Import Contacts

Autonami has not only CSV and WordPress imports but also WooCommerce imports. You can run the importer once to import past orders with a single click when done. All future orders are automatically imported.

Exporting Contacts

Autonami allows you not just to export the entire list but also export segments. For instance, if you want to export all the contact from the US region, you can do it.

Furthermore, if you can segment contacts and export such as "export all users who are from the US and have Purchased Product X".

Let's say you wish to run a Facebook campaign, you can export the segmented list from Autonami and create custom audiences in Facebook to run a highly-targeted marketing campaign.


Autonami has a built-in abandoned cart sequence. You don't need any external plugins.

Detailed reports of the carts can be analyzed at Analytics>Carts.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Traditional CRMs limit you to email while we have also added SMS (via Twilio and Bulkgate). We are also actively exploring WhatsApp as a channel for a multi-channel experience.


A lot of thought and effort went into building this particular feature of Autonami.

Some of its unique features are:

  • A/B testing not just subject lines but also complete email body
  • Smart sending with the ability to send variant emails to percentage of contacts, wait for few hours, and then send the winner email to the rest of the segmented list
  • Deeper analytics don't just show open or click rates, but also tell how many orders a Campaign brought
  • Engagement tracking to minutely study what each contact did
  • One-click resend to unopened (my absolute favorite)


We offer a robust automation engine. There are over 30+ triggers across various plugins.

It comes with advanced conditional logic that allows you to segment contacts and perform different actions.

It's very powerful and once you experience it you would also no longer need any kind of Automator plugins.

Drag and Drop Email Builder

We offer an enterprise-grade drag and drop builder. This is at par with any SAAS solutions like Klaviyo that charge through the nose.


We offer deep integration with not just one form builder but almost all popular form builders such as Gravity form, Elementor form, Fluent Form, and more.

Form integration may not be unique but what makes it unique is the way it is implemented.

Cool feature: You can enable 'send subscribers an email' that allows contact to subscribe with a single click, but also helps deliver the lead magnets. A highly efficient way to tailor message per form.


We have much more advanced analytics with 5 reports, to begin with.

Here are the highlights:

  • Carts to see how abandoned cart is performing
  • Emails to see how each email subject is performing across your entire marketing campaigns
  • Engagement to cover the Day and Time when contacts are most engaged with your system


Autonami has a robust ecosystem for integration. It integrates with other Twilio, Slack, Google sheet and many popular apps. This allows you to create amazing workflows that are not just limited to WordPress.

Imagine getting a Slack Notification if someone purchases a high-value product, or putting all the refunds in a single Google sheet - it is all possible with Autonami.


Although this is not a feature robust engineering is at the center of all this.

The application is React interface with API. We do not touch native tables and all the data is stored in a custom table.

We also have a robust queue scheduling engine that monitors memory usage and ensures stability. Think of it like a manager who is monitoring a conveyor belt so everything runs smoothly.


Our pricing breaks away from traditional contact-based pricing. A Contact is just a row in your database and you should not be paying through the nose for it. The success tax has to go.

Next Steps

  1. Do watch the video so you can experience it in detail
  2. Please point out anything that you find inaccurate
  3. Please ask any questions if anything is unclear
  4. Feel free to share it with anyone who needs help
  5. If you find this comparison unfair or biased please write to me at

Autonami is the ultimate WordPress CRM tool. Explore all its features and pricing here to help you make your decision today!

Author: Damanjeet Singh
Daman is the CEO of BuildWooFunnels. He had been in the industry for well over 10 years before deciding to not just providing services in the domain but designing products for WordPress as well. The needs for creation came from experiencing a gap between WooCommerce store needs and SAAS-based solution for a long while. Now, BuildWooFunnels designs products that not just provides solutions within WordPress, but elevates your online business experience altogether.
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