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By Tavleen Kaur Aug 28, 2018

UpStroke Updates: Version 1.7.0 has been released

We are super excited to bring you latest update of UpStroke. This update not only brings performance improvements but also add new features and enables the launch of our upcoming add-on. Here are major highlights. 1) Quantity Selection for Upsell Items You can now give the user the option to select the quantity of Upsell[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Aug 12, 2018

PayPal Reference Transactions: How to Set Up WooCommerce One Click Upsells with PayPal

Paypal is a very popular payment gateway among WooCommerce store owners. And also very trusted especially if you're considering setting up one click upsells in your store. Nielsen Online Buyer Insights report revealed that Paypal Merchants see an increase of about 27% in conversions after integrating Paypal. The total amount spent on their store also[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Aug 1, 2018

Introducing The New Reporting Add-On: Now Measure & Optimize WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnels

When we launched Upstroke one click upsells, we only had one aim in mind that it should help store owners make more money from existing traffic. And that's what it does. But how do you know how much it's contributing to your revenues? Measurement is essential to scaling up. Upstroke customers echoed the same concern,[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Jun 7, 2018

One-Click Upsell Real-World Examples: Analysis of Upsell Offers & Results

What if I told you that an upsell funnel can up your average order value by 20-40%? You'd perhaps reject that thought. You've been going the harder way up until now, barely breaking even on your acquisition costs and hoping for sustainability in the longer run. But in this post, I am going to prove[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Jun 6, 2018

One Click Upsells: The Definitive Guide

This guide has everything you need to know about One-Click Upsells. First we’ll discuss what one-click upsells are, the building blocks of an upsell funnel and why you should put them to work. Then we’ll deep dive into the strategy and the thought-process behind building one. You’ll also understand how to choose the right upsell[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Feb 13, 2018

Rising Costs of Customer Acquisition Bothering You? Here's How To Shield Your Business

Gary Vaynerchuk used to pay 5 cents a click for Adwords. That was 1998...but those days are long gone. Now the costs of Google ads, affiliate sales, Facebook ads & more are on fire. In this article, I’ll share with you if your customers are really worthy what you're paying for them.... And how to[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Feb 13, 2018

5 Upselling Techniques Everyone's Using & 1 Undercover Tactic They Missed

If you’ve just arrived here, this post is a part of 5-part series on ‘How upselling can help combat high customer acquisition costs’. In the last post, we looked at high acquisitions costs and their impact on small business’s bottom line. We discussed... Increasing ad spends helps only till the competition catches up Improving targeting[...]

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