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How to show Best Value Tag on dedicated checkout

When you want to highlight one of the list of product by adding a tag, you can use this feature. By this you can add a Best Value Tag (or any text lable).

To hightlight any product you must have a dedicated checkout page with specified products.

Preview of Best Value Tag

How to Add

Select your AeroCheckout page click on “Form” section and then click on “Products” field. After click will open a modal popup.

Click on “Advanced” tab and uncheck or check “Hide Best Value Tag” option to show or hide Best Value tag respectively.

You can modify options below as per requirement.

1) Product Selection – you can select specific product for which you want to show Best Value tag.

2) Best Value Label –  to change the text if you want.

3) Position – you can modify the position of the tag.

Click on “Update” button to save changes then click on “Save Form” button to save form.


Available Positions

From the version 1.8.0, you would have various choice to set the position of “Best Value” badge. Select one of them to display this badge to your product to hightlight for best choice to buy.

  1. Default
  2. Above product title
  3. Below product title
  4. Top left corner
  5. Top right corner

Find these options here by editing the “Form” tab of your dedicated checkout form.

Final Output:

Note:From the version 1.8.0 this setting has been moved to “Form” tab instead of “Customize” panel of the template.