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Parameter to create product specific embed form

If you want to create product specific embed checkout form, you can add parameter “product_ids” with embed form shortcode.

[wfacp_forms id=’XXXX’ product_ids=’YYYY’]

First we will learn how to create a shortcode for embed checkout form and then we will add parameter “product_ids” to shortcode.

Create a New Checkout Page

  1. Click on the Add New button.
  2. Enter Name of the page. This is for administrative purposes and is not visible to users.
  3. Press Create a Checkout and you will be redirected to Checkout Builder.

Pick a Checkout Form template

  1. Click on the ‘Custom’ tab under the ‘Design’ tab. Here you’ll get a collection of 3 different checkout form templates, classified into steps.
  2. Select a checkout form template as per your needs and click on import.

Add a product 

  1. Click on Add a product
  2. Select Product to be added to checkout page
  3. Enter discount percentage and increase quantity if required
  4. Hit the ‘Save changes’ button.

Design your Checkout Form

  1. Go to the Fields tab. By default the form comes with basic fields.
  2. Add new fields, drag-and-drop to rearrange them, edit them or remove them.
  3. Create multi steps if you want to.

Embed the Checkout Form

Go to the ‘Design’ tab and copy the embed form short-code.


Now you need to add ‘product_ids’ parameter to this shortcode to make it product specific.

[wfacp_forms id='XXXX' product_ids='YYYY']
Here "YYYY" is your product ID

You can get the product ID under WooCommerce > Products section.

The final short-code will be like this:

[wfacp_forms id='12354' product_ids='87']

Now add this short-code to the product for which you want to use the product-specific checkout form.

Click on “Update” button to save changes.

Final Output: