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How to create a custom fields in AeroCheckout Form

AeroCheckout contains all the native WooCommerce Checkout form fields. In spite of this, you can create your own new custom fields using different types of form elements like input field, radio button, checkbox, dropdown etc.

These new fields can be easily embedded into the checkout form and metadata can be stored and viewed on the single product details page.

1) Create a new field
To register a new custom field, open the form tab of your AeroCheckout and click on “Add New Field” button.

This will open a modal window to fill the details of that custom fields.

  • Select Field Type
  • Enter the appropriate label of the field
  • Enter the Field ID (Order Meta Key) – where the value of this field gets stored. Use ‘_’ to separate in case of multiple words. Example: date_of_birth. This field ID will helps you to print this field meta on any other template. For example if you are using any invoice generator plugin and wish to print this custom field there, this field_id you need to map with your invoice template.
  • Type default value if any
  • Type Placeholder value if you want to show any placeholder text within the field
  • Set the field should be mandatory or not.

2) Place the field on the checkout form

You can easily drag and drop this new field into your checkout form within any existing section / new section or new step.

Save the form by clicking Save form button

You can view this custom field on checkout form like this-

3) View the data of custom field on Admin’s single product page

The custom field’s data stored into product meta and can be view on the single product page. This stored data is editable for admin and can be updated easily.


Note- You are requested if you are using any other Checkout Field Editor, you can keep that plugin De-Activate / Un-install to avoid any conflict and make the checkout experience seemless.