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How to use Coupon field?

Using AeroCheckout you can move your form fields to any desired place on the page. You can add coupon field to your form by drag and drop Coupon field to any desired position on the checkout page following steps below:

Step 1: Click on “Form” tab of your AeroCheckout form.

Pick “Coupon” field from “Advanced Fields” Category and drop in the section where you want to display the coupon field.

Step 2: If you wish to edit Coupon field’s label or success message, click on the “Coupon” field and edit field details.

You can rearrange below mentioned merge tags for coupon name and value in success message.
{{coupon_code}} – to display coupon code.
{{coupon_value}} – to display coupon value.

Step 3: Click on “Update” button to save changes and Save the Form also

Coupon Field Preview:

Make Coupon Field Collapsible

You can also show “Coupon Field” as a collapsible by checking the checkbox labeled as “Collapsible“.

Collapsible Coupon Field Preview: