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Getting Started

Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing Aero

BuildWooFunnels team is truly excited to bring this product to you.

Aero was built to create high-converting checkouts that boost confidence and reduce cart abandonment.

At its core, Aero  is built to solve three purposes:

1) Replace Original WooCommerce checkout with a custom checkout page

We have taken inspiration from conversion friendly checkout of Shopify and given it a spin to make it more trustworthy.

2) Create Product Specific Order Page

For those who build funnels or drive traffic to product pages this option will come in handy.

Imagine driving traffic to a landing page, which then leads them to a dedicated order page.

Your buyers would not only skip the cart but land on a checkout which has specific product messaging.

On top of it, you can completely have special discount/coupons for product(s) which are not available on your store.

You can deploy these special pages anywhere in your funnel. Be it cart recovery or special offer to special audiences.

3) Create One Page Funnels

Use shortcodes to embed checkout forms anywhere and create your own custom checkout designs.

Marry your marketing copy and order forms on a single page.

The lesser the steps, the greater the chances of conversions.