Getting Familiar With Interface

AeroCheckout- Custom WooCommerce Checkout Pages

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Getting Familiar With Interface

This is the starting interface of Aero Checkout:

Starting from the top, there are two tabs:

Checkouts – Here you’ll see the list of Aero Checkout pages that you’ve created.

Settings – This tab is to access the Global Settings for Aero. Here you’ll be able to make changes that apply to all your checkout pages.
For example – if you want to set an Aero Checkout page as your default checkout page, that’s the tab to go to.

Under the Checkouts tab, you’ll find these options –

  • Add New – You can create a new checkout page by clicking on the ‘Add New’ button.
  • Import/Export – If you’re using Aero on any other site, you can import or export your checkout pages with all the settings intact.

Apart from that, you’ll see a list of your Aero Checkout pages. These could be active or inactive based on the filter you select from the top.

Apart from the list of the checkout pages you’ve created, access the quick links to go to any of the tabs – Design, Products, Fields, Optimizations, Settings.

When you hover over any of your checkout pages listed, there are three options:

View – When you click on this button you’ll be able to view your checkout page.

Duplicate – Make a copy of your checkout page by clicking on this button. It will duplicate your checkout page with all the settings intact.

Export – To export a specific checkout page to another website with AeroCheckout.

Delete – When you hit the ‘Delete’ button the selected checkout page will be deleted.