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All the templates in AeroCheckout are already built-for-conversions.

Additionally, you get a dedicated ‘Optimzations’ tab to further optimize your checkout pages.

Under this tab, you’ll find a robust set of controls:

Here are some of the optimizations available under this tab:

Google Address Autocomplete – Whenever an user enters the first few character of their shipping/billing address, Google suggests a list of potential addresses in a drop-down.

Users can simply choose one from the drop-down and rest of the details get auto-filled.

This optimization technique makes the process of filling out the address friction-free.

It also saves you from costly failed deliveries caused due to typing errors.

Express Checkout Buttons – Enable users to complete the checkout process using an accelerated payment gateway – Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay and more.

Users can simply select their preferred payment gateway and login with their credentials.

Once they do that their details are used to automatically populate the checkout form.

This will make them skip filling the checkout form manually and they can directly proceed to the payment section.

It makes the checkout process a complete breeze for mobile users where the screen size is really small.

Here’s an insightful video on 21 checkout page optimization hacks for your WooCommerce store. Watch all of them in action to instantly optimize your checkout pages and boost conversions: