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Fields Preview

Happy to introduce a new feature from the version 1.9.0 “Fields Preview”. This great feature provides to review your all entries on next step (in case of multistep form only)

This feature allows you to review your given information once before submit the checkout form.

You need to enable this option UI into your checkout form.

Follow these basic steps to have this UI into your form.

1.  Create a multistep checkout form.

2. After setup your form steps and fields completely, open the settings tab and enabled the field’s checkboxes as per your requirement. For example, If you don’t want to offer any specific field for review, keep uncheck.

3. Save the settings tab.

Here is the preview of this UI when you are 2nd step during checkout.

Want to experience this live demo? Click Here 

Note- this wouldn’t be available for the single-step form and re-save your settings tab if you modified any field in Forms Tab.