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Conversion Tracking

Autonami is able to do cross-device tracking because of the ability to trace user actions. It doesn't rely on cookies and IPs.

In this documentation, we will look into how Autonami keeps track of all the conversions.

When an order is placed, Autonami checks various user actions to attribute conversions:

  • Coupon Usage: If a personalized coupon generated by Autonami is used, conversion is attributed to the automation.
  • Email Open: If an email was sent to a user in the last 15 days and the user opened the email and ordered, conversion is attributed.
  • SMS Click: If an SMS was sent to a user in the last 15 days and the user clicked on the link and ordered, conversion is attributed.
Note: The conversion tracking should be enabled in Automation to track conversions.

Select an event and check the box to Track Conversions.

This option will enable conversion tracking for your event.

Note: In the case of multiple messages (Emails or SMS), Autonami picks up the last message and attributes conversion. Conversion will always be attributed once to a unique Campaign, be it Automation or Broadcast.

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