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Events are the triggers based on which an automation runs.

You can use the specific events and actions of Autonami to set up an automated workflow.

Core Events

Autonami has the following core events to set up an automation:

  • Tag is added - An automation gets triggered when a tag is added to a contact
  • Tag is removed - An automation starts when a tag is removed
  • Added to list - An automation gets triggered when a contact is added to a list
  • Removed from list - Automation starts when a contact is removed from a list
  • Contact subscribes - Automation runs when a contact is added as a subscriber
  • Contact unsubscribes - Automation is triggered when a contact gets unsubscribed
  • Webhook received - An automation gets triggered when Autonami receives data from a webhook. Click here to learn more about webhooks.

Integration-based Events

You can always integrate with other WordPress plugins and CRMs to bring in other events and set up automations in Autonami.

Go to the following integrations from here:

Let's learn how can you can select an event when setting up automations in Autonami.

Setting Up an Event

To set up an event, go to Campaigns ⇨ Automations. Click on Add New.

Enter the name of your new automation.

Click on Add.

Now, select an event.

Here, we have selected Tag is Added as the event.

Click on Continue.

Configure this event - for example, specify the tag (any tag or a particular tag) to trigger this automation.

Now, we will define an action to be performed when this event gets triggered.

We have covered everything about the actions in the next documentation.

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