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Execution Priority

Autonami uses queue scheduling to put all the tasks in a queue.

Imagine there are two tasks - one with a high priority and the other with a low priority. Here, the scheduler will pick up the task of high priority to run first because it's marked as High Priority.

If there are fewer tasks on the queue, then the execution priority doesn't matter. These all tasks will get executed. But if there are thousands of tasks on your queue, those tasks whose execution priority is high will be picked up first.

You can learn about how to mark the execution priority for a task below.

How to set Execution Priority for an Action in Autonami?

Go to Action on your Automation.

For example, we have selected the Send Email as an action for our Automation.

Scroll down and you'll get the option to set Execution Priority.

Mark the priority as Critical, High, Medium, or Low as per your requirement.

Once done, click on the workflow to automatically save your automation.

This is how you can set execution priority for a task in Autonami.

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