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Task History

Task history is the place where you can see all the records of automations that are running or have been completed on your WooCommerce store or WordPress website.

You can view all the actions that have been taken, such as abandoned cart recovery email, product purchase email, tags added, WordPress user added/removed, and so on.

This particular section helps you troubleshoot your automation and see whether it is scheduled or not.

You can see the tasks here in this format:

  • Task - Task number
  • Action - Action name (send an email, create a coupon, etc.)
  • Data - Information of your contacts
  • Automation - Name of the automation created
  • Date - How many days/weeks/years ago the task was done
  • Preview - The gist of the task
  • Delete this record
See your task history in Autonami

You can also see the tasks that are scheduled, paused, completed, and failed. Further, you can take bulk action to delete any tasks by making a selection.

Task History lets you test your automation to see if it's running smoothly as you expected or not.

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