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UTM Parameters

UTM parameters are the pre-defined text codes that can be added to a URL to track the performance of the said URL by fetching insights about the visitors and traffic source.

To add UTM parameters to your links, you do not have to visit a separate website. You can do it within the Autonami itself.

When you scroll below on the email that you're composing, you will find the option to add the UTM parameters to the link.

Check the box to add UTM parameters to the links in Autonami

Check the Add UTM parameters to the links checkbox and you'll see the following options:

  • UTM Source - Enter the source from which you are directing the traffic. For example, facebook, twitter, quora, etc.
  • UTM Medium - Enter the type of marketing channel driving the traffic such as paid, organic social, etc.
  • UTM Campaign - Enter the campaign name to identify a specific sale or promotion. For example - “cart_abandoned”, “christmas_sale”, etc.
  • UTM Term - Enter your paid keywords if you're running a paid campaign.
Options to add UTM parameters in Autonami

As we have added the UTM parameters, the links on your email will automatically be embedded with these parameters.

UTM parameters entered in Autonami

You can preview your email and this email will have the following UTM parameter: &utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=organic_fb&utm_campaign=black_friday&utm_term=sale

Toggle the automation to Active mode to make it live.

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