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Bulkgate is perfect for sending transactional SMSs at affordable prices.

Here’s how you can connect Bulkgate to Autonami.

Connecting Bulkgate to Autonami

Step 1: Login to your Bulkgate account

Go to Bulkgate and log in to your account.

Step 2: Go to Modules and APIs

Step 3: Create API

Step 4: Copy the application ID and token

Step 5: Copy the Sender ID

Go to Sender ID Profiles under SMS & Viber messaging.

Click on your Bulkgate profile.

Click on the country's list.

Now, copy the sender ID from here.

Now, go to Autonami.

Step 6: Paste the App ID, Token and Sender ID in Autonami

Go to the Connectors tab under Autonami.

Under Bulkgate, click on Connect.

Paste the Application ID, token, and Sender ID here.

That’s it! You’ve successfully connected Bulkgate to Autonami.

Check these settings when using Bulkgate with Autonami

Here are a few things to check when using Bulkgate:

  • Are you using the Paid Account of the BulkGate?
  • Had you used the same "Sender ID" in the settings?
  • Go to Reports History and check from which number / ID your SME delivered

These settings ensure that get the most when settings automations using Bulkgate in Autonami.

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