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Google Spreadsheets

Autonami has a deep integration with the GoogleSheet that you can push the data in the GoogleSheet using various events by using the connector.

In this documentation, we will connect Google Spreadsheets with Autonami.

Connecting with Google Spreadsheets

Connect Autonami events with Google Spreadsheets to directly add WooCommerce order information to a Google sheet and maintain a log of these orders automatically.

This is how you can link the two:

Go to Autonami >> Connector, and look for Google Spread Sheets. Once you've found it, click on the Connect button.

Connect Google spreadsheets

Next, press the “Click to get token” button to connect your google account.

Select the Google account you wish to connect to.

Give any permissions, if asked for.

Now, copy the code shown on your screen.

And paste it in the pop-up token window from before, and hit save.

This will link your Google account to Automations.

That it! You've successfully connected Google Spreadsheets with Autonami.

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