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Here, we'll help you connect Twilio with Autonami.

Follow the steps provided below to establish the connection.

Connecting Twilio with Autonami

Follow these steps to connect Autonami with Twilio:

Step 1: Locate the Twilio Number, SID and AUTH Token for your Twilio account

Login to your Twilio account.

Once logged in, you'll get directed to the Console page.

Copy the Account SID, AUTH Token, and Twilio Phone Number from here.

Step 2: Hit the 'Connect' button under Twilio block in Connectors

Go to the “Connectors” tab in Autonami and hit the “Connect” button present below Twilio.

Connect Twilio with Autonami

Step 3: Enter your purchased Twilio account SID, token, and number

Paste the Account SID, AUTH Token, and Twilio Number here.

Once you’ve entered the details, click on the “Connect” button.

This will successfully establish a connection between Autonami and Twilio.

Now you’ve successfully connected Autonami with Twilio, you can start setting up your SMS-based automations and broadcasts.

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