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Import Contacts from WooCommerce

Here's how you can import contacts to Autonami from your WooCommerce store:

Step 1: Go to the Contacts tab in Autonami and click on Import

Go to the Contacts tab in Autonami and click on Import

Step 2: Select WooCommerce as the source

Import contacts from WooCommerce

Step 3: Set your configurations

Please note that Autonami imports the contact details for paid orders only.

Go through the Contact Profile section below and add tags, lists, trigger automations for respective tags/lists related events, add them as subscribers to receive promotional emails, and more.

Configuration of Importing contacts from WooCommerce in Autonami

Once done, click Import.

Step 4: Wait for the importing process to complete

You can see contacts skipped, failed, and successful import stats here.

Wait for the importing process to complete

You can either "Go To Contacts" to see recently added contacts or click on "Download Error Log" for the contacts that failed to import. The error log will download to your system in a .csv file format.

This is how you import contacts to Autonami from WooCommerce.

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