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Viewing Contacts

Autonami provides a great way of viewing contacts and even sorting them. You can filter and view all the contacts added in one place.

You can see your all contacts’ information here:

  • Contacts’ name (first and last name along with the date when the contact was added)
  • Details (email address and phone number)
  • Location
  • Tags added to them
  • Lists they’re a part of
  • Total purchase made in revenue and number of orders, and much more.

However, Autonami allows you to filter information and only view the information you might need. So just enable/disable particular fields by clicking on Filter and selecting what you don’t want.

You can also Apply Audiences to view some specific filters that you saved as an audience. To create audiences, you should check the Adding Audiences section.

You can search your contacts by name through the search bar. Start typing the name and Autonami will automatically suggest the contacts matching with this name.

When you click on the correct contact, it will open their profile, which we have discussed in the next section.

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