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Once you've established a connection between Autonami and Convertkit, you can take actions in your CRM like - 'Add tag', 'Remove a tag', 'Add subscriber to a sequence', and many more via Autonami.

In the following documentation, you'll learn how to run automations using actions related to Convertkit.

Learn how to connect Convertkit to Autonami here


Once you have synced Autonami with Convertkit, you can create and run automation by selecting actions under the Convertkit category:

Here are the actions that you’ll see in the drop-down after the connection has been successfully established: 

  • Add tags
  • Remove tags
  • Add subscriber to sequence
  • Update Custom Fields 

and many more.

Now, let’s see how to create an automation in Autonami and execute actions in Convertkit.

Let’s say that a new order is created in your store and you want to send a welcome sequence from Convertkit.

Here’s how you can set this up:

Step 1: Select the "Order Created" event for your automation

Add new automation >> Select “Order Created” from the list of events under WooCommerce 

Here’s where you’ll find the “Order Created” event:

Once you've selected the event, hit the "Continue" button.

Step 2: Select “Add Subscriber to Sequence” from the list of actions under Convertkit

Once you’ve selected the event, choose your action:

Next, hit the "Continue" button.

Step 3: Select the sequence and set delay (if any) for this action

From the “Select Sequence” drop-down, select the sequence of emails that you want to send out.

If you just made this sequence after connecting Convertkit with Autonami and don’t see it in the drop-down - hit ‘Sync’ in Connectors. 

Once you’ve selected the sequence, then you’ll have the option to set delays for this action.

Here's how:

When done with setting the delay, click out of this side menu and your automation will get saved.

Step 4: Make your automation live

In the visual workflow builder interface, you’ll see an orange toggle at the top right corner of the page. 

Just hit it and your automation is now “Active”.

Now your automation is live and running.

Every time someone makes a purchase and the order gets created in WooCommerce - they’ll get added to the welcome sequence in Convertkit. 

Of course, you can make the automation more complex by adding conditional logic to it.

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