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Click on Campaigns ⇨ Broadcasts to reach this section.

Campaigns ⇨ Broadcasts

You'll see a list of all the broadcasts you've created. You can choose the options of seeing the broadcasts that are already scheduled, ongoing, completed, or paused.

You can see all the overviewing details related to a particular broadcast on this interface. This will include:

  • Name of your campaign
  • Date
  • Recipients
  • Sent
  • Open Rate
  • Click Rate
  • Revenue
  • Status

Filtering the Broadcasts

In addition, you can actually filter the information visible to you on this page. You can sort your broadcast dashboard specs by using the following filters:

Filtering the Broadcasts

Turn the toggle on or off to view a particular detail about your broadcasts.


You can view, edit, make a clone or delete any broadcast anytime by clicking on the action button provided to the left of a broadcast's name.

Perform action - edit, clone or delete any broadcasts in Autonami

So, this is what the first screen of Broadcasts looks like. Let's go on ahead to learn more about the interface.

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