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Best Practices

Autonami sends all the emails using the default method, just as WordPress, directly from your web server

This method usually works; however, servers are not designed to send emails at a scale. 

Some issues you might encounter when sending emails through web servers are:

  • Spam filters
  • Hosting email limits

As a dedicated business, you want your emails to be delivered quickly and not end in your contact’s spam folder.

Therefore, we recommend all Autonami users to use an email delivery service when sending their emails.

Email deliverability checklist

Here is the checklist to ensure a successful and timely email delivery with Autonami:

  • Integrating your WordPress website with an email service or SMTP server.
  • Running a spam score test to know more deliverability-related information, including SPF and DKIM records.
  • Checking your host’s sending limits.

This checklist will always help you in ensuring effective email deliverability.

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