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In this section, we will be talking about the features of Autonami.

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  • Performance Dashboard - It gives you a board eye view of all the activities happening in your business. You can view the top-performing automated campaigns and broadcasts, recent abandoned carts, new subscribers, and so on.
  • In-depth Customer Profiles - You can view every contact's purchase history, automated emails they received, sales funnels they interacted with, average order value, coupons they applied during purchase, subscription stats, and more in the customer profile.
  • Behavior-based Segmentation - Autonami allows you to go beyond just tags and lists. You can segment your contacts into diverse groups and save those filters to create audiences.
  • Cart Tracking - View and track all the abandoned carts, potential recoverable revenue, recovered carts, and more.
  • Email Sequencing and Automation - You can set up automated sequences with scheduled delays and dynamic coupon codes. These sequences get triggered when a user takes a predefined action such as abandons a cart, submits a form, purchases an item, and more.
  • Smart Broadcasts - Design your emails and make them look professional and on brand with Autonami's built-in Drag&Drop Email Editor, A/B test the broadcast to drive future traffic to the successful variant, smart sending/scheduling options, and many others.
  • Analytics and Reports - You can go beyond measuring the open/click-through rates of an email with Autonami. You can even study the orders placed from a specific campaign, revenue generated per campaign, the response of A/B testing, and more.

Now, as you’re through the overview and features of Autonami, let’s get ahead with the installation process.

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