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Autonami is the result of fine-grained engineering of months to bring a highly performant CRM to WordPress.

We have taken a lot of measures to ensure that Autonami scales well.

Here are a few noteworthy things:

Performant Code

  • No scripts of data are loaded on the front end. We have done numerous page speed tests before and after installing Autonami and found no change in the speed of the original page.
  • All the backend interfaces are REACT API-driven interfaces. This is the modern development methodology that WordPress is adopting.
  • You host all the data. No data is stored by us.
  • It comes with a modern interface and our goal is to make using the CRM a no-brainer for all.

Separate WordPress Tables

  • Autonami completely stores the data in custom tables with a highly normalized SQL structure. It does not store its data in native WordPress tables.
  • For instance, on the contact screen, we fetch no more than 100 records for a table to display. No data is loaded elsewhere so the admin also performs with the same speed.

Powerful Queue Scheduling

Autonami uses a strong queue scheduling engine. Here's how it works:

  • In the Automations, you would find Task history. So every Action (that runs) is marked as a task and put in a queue. Autonami contains a very strong queue scheduling engine. The way it works is that it picks up the tasks in small batches and executes them.
  • During the execution of a batch, it keeps an eye on RAM usage. The batch size is 25 tasks per execution cycle. In a second, around 5-6 tasks are executed. If the server RAM or CPU usage goes above 75% by any chance, then the system automatically stops the execution.
  • Usually, we have seen the server usage to be around 30-40% max, which also includes the traffic.
  • Think of the scheduler as a manager of the conveyor belt, which is monitoring each task. This tech is based on this open-source project called Action Scheduler.
  • Since all tasks are scheduled in a queue, you may see a delay of a few minutes (upto 2 to 4 mins) in execution. However, this technique provides high fidelity under heavy traffic with a lot of tasks that are queued to be run.
  • Think of this process as a queue on a ticket window. If there are one or two bookings every hour, then having a queue or not doesn’t matter. But imagine, if there are hundreds of requests in a short span of time, a queue provides scalability.
  • Using this technique, Autonami is able to process thousands of tasks every hour without putting the load on the server.

Hence, Autonami is thoughtfully designed for scale.


  • We have tested Autonami on a cheaper hosting plan of Site ground to higher hosting plans of Kinsta. We have also tested it on Digital Ocean and AWS.
  • We, ourselves, are running Autonami on our site with contacts over 10K.
  • We have seen Autonami users having lists in a couple of thousands of contacts to all the way to 680K contacts.

It's safe to say that Autonami is efficient and well-built to support your business requirements.

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