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Receive a Response from Twilio

You can set up automations to receive SMSs and perform specific actions.

Either capture this message on a Google Spreadsheet or send them an SMS or a Slack message. Whatever it is, you can easily do it with Autonami.

In this documentation, we will set up a receive SMS automation using Autonami.

You’ll learn how to receive a response and:

Let’s look at them one by one.

Before that, you need to configure the webhook URL of the SMS received event. 

If you are new to Autonami, click here to move to detailed instructions on how to create an automation.

Configuring the Webhook URL

Follow the instructions below to configure the webhook URL:

Step 1: Select the SMS Received event

Select the event - SMS Received that will trigger this automation.

Click on Continue.

Step 2: Copy the webhook URL

Click on the event and you’ll see the webhook URL.

Copy this URL.

Step 3: Create a webhook trigger on your Twilio Account

Now, go to your Twilio Console.

Next move to Monitor ⇨ Logs ⇨ Errors ⇨ Webhooks & alerts.

Click on the (+) icon under Customize Email Alerts.

Create a new alert trigger by entering all the information with your copied webhook URL. 

Once done, click on Save.

The alert trigger will get created here:

Now that the webhook URL is configured, you can add actions to this automation.

Add to Google Sheet

Here, we will capture the message replied by a user to a Google Spreadsheet.

To capture this message on an Excel spreadsheet, first ensure you have connected Google Sheets with Autonami.

Follow the instructions mentioned below:

Step 1: Select Insert Row as action

Go to Autonami and select an action to perform when the event gets triggered.

Then, select the action - Insert Row under Google Sheets.

Click on Continue.

Step 2: Configure the Google Sheet to capture data

Enter the Google spreadsheet ID and click on the Get Sheet button.

To select the data to capture, click on Merge tags.

Select the phone number on the first column and the message on the second one within the sheet.

Click on the Select button next to Twilio SMS Sender Phone.

Click on Copy To Clipboard.

Now, paste the merge tag to the data value. 

Follow the same process with the SMS message content and paste it here:

Click on the workflow to automatically save your automation.

Step 3: Activate your automation

Turn the toggle to active to make your automation go live.

Well done! This is how you can capture the response of your SMS on a Google Spreadsheet.

Send an SMS

You can add automated sequences to send an SMS when a contact replies to your previous message or send a new one.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Select the action - Send SMS

As your SMS received event is already configured, select Send SMS as the action.

Click on Continue.

Step 2: Enter the “To” phone number

To enter the recipient phone number, click on Merge tags.

Click on Select next to Twilio SMS Sender Phone.

Copy the merge tag and paste it to the phone number field.

Step 3: Write your SMS content

Create the content of your SMS when you received a reply from your contacts.

Configure additional options such as adding an image to your SMS, add UTM parameters, set delays, or define execution priorities.

Once done, click on the workflow to automatically save your Automation.

Step 4: Activate your Automation

Turn the toggle to active to make your Automation turn live.

This is how you can send an SMS to your contact whenever you received a message from them.

Send a Slack Message

If you want to notify a particular person whenever you receive a message from your contacts, you can send a slack message with Autonami.

All you have to do is connect Slack with Autonami and select Slack message as your action.

Let’s show you how:

Step 1: Select the action - Sends a message to a user 

After configuring the webhook URL within the SMS received event, click on the (+) icon.

Select Sends a message to a user under Slack as your action. 

Click on Continue.

Step 2: Select user you want to notify the message from your contact

Select the Slack user.

Step 3: Enter the Slack message you want to send

We will notify the sender and the actual message which we have received.

To do this, click on Merge tags.

Copy the phone number and message merge tags using merge tags:

Paste it to your Slack message content:

Once done, click on the workflow to automatically save your Automation.

Step 4: Make your Automation go live

Hit the toggle active to activate your Automation.

This is how you can notify users by sending a Slack message whenever you receive an SMS.

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