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Google Spreadsheets

When you connect Google Spreadsheets to Autonami, it provides two actions to take:

  • Insert Row
  • Update Row

Let's look at how to set up these actions.

Create an Automation

Click on Add New in Automations.

From the events listed on the right side of the screen, select Order Created.

Next, click on the + icon to add an action to this event. From the two options provided, select the Direct Action option.

From the drop-down menu select the option of Insert Row under Send Data.

In another window, open the Google spreadsheet you want to connect to the automation, and copy the Google Sheet ID (as is highlighted in the image below).

Important: The Google Sheet ID is not the complete URL, but only a part of it, so be careful when you are copying it.

Paste the link in the respective field on the Automation page and click on Get Sheets.

Enter Google Spreadsheet ID

Now you may add the required columns to the spreadsheet.


Select WorkSheet and enter the data to insert

Search and add appropriate Merge Tags to the respective columns in the automation.

Click on the workflow to automatically save all the changes made.

Make the automation live by turning the toggle to Active.

Test the Automation

Place a test order to check the task execution.

Now go to Task History in Automation.

Here you’d be able to see a new task scheduled for the order you just placed.

You will see the connected spreadsheet once the task is completed. The relevant data from the order placed will be updated in the sheet.

And that’s how you set up actions of Google Spreadsheets in Autonami.

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