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WooFunnels One Click Upsells

Autonami integrates with the most advanced one-click upsell solution in the market - WooFunnels One Click Upsells.

You can design compelling offers with WooFunnels One Click Upsells and set automations in Autonami to drive maximum profits.

In this documentation, we will help you set up automations using WooFunnels One Click Upsells in Autonami.

Our Use Case

We have created a one-click upsell offer for Digital courses. If a user wants to buy another popular Content Marketing master course, then we will show them an upsell - Social Media growth course.

If the user rejects this offer, we will send them an email after 3 days about another best-selling digital course - Linkedin posts writing course.

Let’s create this automation with Autonami.

Step 1: Create an upsell offer with WooFunnels One Click Upsells

It’s quite easy to create your upsell offer. Make sure you have installed WooFunnels One Click Upsells on your WordPress site.

Here, we have created our one-click upsell offer.

Step 2: Create an automation

Go to Campaigns ⇨ Automations and click on Add New.

Enter the name of your automation.

Click on Add.

Step 3: Select an event

As per our use case, we will select an event - upsell rejected.

Click on Continue.

Step 4: Define your rule

Click on the conditional action - Upstroke Offers.

Now, select the name of your offer.

Step 5: Select your action

Click on Send Email as your action.

Click on the Continue button.

Step 6: Compose your email

Compose your email body and introduce your offer.

Now, scroll down and add a delay of 3 days.

Click on the workflow to automatically save your automation.

Step 7: Make the automation live

Turn the toggle to active. 

This will make your automation up and running. 

Now when a user purchases the social media course and rejects your upsell offer, this automation will send them an email about another product related to the course.

Well done! You have successfully set automation using WooFunnels One Click Upsells in Autonami.

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