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WooFunnels Optin Form

Autonami integrates with its very own WooFunnels Optin form to help you automate your business process.

We have created an opt-in form with the Funnel Builder for giving away a free e-book to capture leads.

Here is the form:

Let's learn how to build this automation to give a free guide to someone who subscribes to our opt-in form.

Step 1: Create a new automation

Go to Campaigns ⇨ Automations and create a new automation.

Step 2: Select an event

Select the event - Form Submits under WooFunnels Optin.

Click on Continue.

Step 3: Select your form and map the field

Select the form you created.

Now, map the email field.

Once done, click on the workflow to automatically save your automation.

Step 4: Set an action

Select an action - Create Contact under Autonami.

Click on Continue.

Enter the fields using the form merge tags.

Step 5: Set another action - Send Email

Now we will send an email with the link to our free guide.

Now, compose your email.

Once done, click on the workflow.

Step 6: Make the automation live

Turn the toggle to active and make your automation go live.

That’s it! Now if someone signs up to this form, it’ll create the contact in Autonami. Additionally, it’ll send an email to the person regarding his free guide.

Well done! You have successfully created an automation using WooFunnels Optin in Autonami.

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