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Once your connection is established, you’ll see all these actions for Active Campaign in the drop-down:

  • Add a tag
  • Remove a tag
  • Add contact to list
  • Remove contact from the list
  • Create order
  • End automation
  • Update fields

and many more.

Adding a tag in A/C when a purchase is made

Now, let’s learn how to add a tag in A/C when a purchase is made on the WooCommerce store. 

This will be a dynamic tag generated on the fly for the exact item purchased.

For example – *Purchased: Natural cream(product name)*

That will be the format for our tag.

Step #1: Create an automation in Autonami

Add new automation >> Select “Order Created – Per Item” event >> Choose “Add Tags” under Active Campaign from the “Actions” drop-down 

Choose the “Order Created – Per Item” event from the drop-down: 

Select the “Add Tag” option from the list of actions.

Step #2: Customize your tag name

Select from a dynamic range of merge tags to customize the tag name.

Step #3: Make your automation live to test it out

Go to WooCommerce and purchase a demo product

Once you purchase a product, a tag will be created in Active Campaign with the specified name.

See here:

As you can imagine, you can create tags using dynamic merge tags for anything you want. Cart abandoned, item purchased, added a review, etc. Your imagination is the limit here.