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Connecting ActiveCampaign with Autonami

In this section, we’ll see how to connect Autonami with Active Campaign. 

Follow these steps:

Step #1: Locate your Active Campaign API URL and Key

Log in to your Active Campaign account >> Go to “Settings” >> Click on the “Developer” tab

Step #2: Copy the API URL and Key

When you click on the “Developer” tab, you’ll see a screen as shown below:

Copy the API URL and Key associated with your Active Campaign account.

Step #3: Paste it in Autonami

Go to ‘Connectors’ tab in Autonami >> Hit the “Connect” button >> Paste the copied API URL and Key

Here’s where you’ll see the “Connect” button:

Paste the API URL and key that you copied in the popup that appears.

Step #4: Sync Autonami with your Active Campaign account

Go to the “Connectors” tab >> Hit the “Sync” button

This will sync all the changes or additions that you made in your Active Campaign account with Autonami.

Now you’ve successfully connected Active Campaign with Autonami.