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When Active Campaign sends a webhook (a packet of information/data), you can use it to take multiple actions in Autonami and share the result back.

Here I’ll show you how to create an automation so that Autonami receives a webhook from Active Campaign, creates a personalized coupon code, and shares it back with A/C.

Step #1: Create an automation in Active campaign

Select “Contact submits new form” as the trigger and “Receive webhook” as an action

Your Active Campaign automation should look like this:

Step #2: Create automation in Autonami

Select “Webhook Received” under Active Campaign as the event >> Select “Create Coupon” and “Update Fields” as actions 

Your workflow should look like this:

Step #3: Copy the webhook URL from Autonami and paste it in Active Campaign

When you select the “Webhook Received” event in Autonami, you’ll see a URL that is generated automatically.

See here:

So you’ll have to copy this URL and paste it in Active Campaign.

Here’s how:

Click on the pointed section as shown below:

Then paste the copied URL:

Once that is done, the webhook will be received by Autonami.

Step #4: Personalize your coupon code and set expiry (optional)

Here’s how:

Step #5: Add a coupon field in Active Campaign

Go to the “Contact” tab in Active Campaign.

Then you’ll find the “Add field” button here:

Add the coupon field in the popup that appears:

Step #6: Sync Autonami with Active Campaign

Go to the “Connectors” tab in Autonami >> Hit the “Sync” button

This will sync the new field which you just created in Active Campaign, with Autonami.

Here’s how:

Step #7: Select the “Coupon” field from the Update fields drop-down menu

Once you select the field, enter its value using merge tags and then hit the “Save” button.

Step #8: Set up a 5-minute delay in Active Campaign

This is to avoid any unnecessary delays between your events and actions.

So once all these are set, this is how your personalized coupon code will appear in the welcome email: