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Merge tags

You can use the following merge tags to personalize the emails and show the correct numbers used in the email:


Here’s an explanation of common merge tags:

affwp_affiliate_name – This merge tag returns the name of the affiliate.

affwp_affiliate_paid_amount – This merge tag gives the amount paid to the affiliate.

affwp_affiliate_rate – This returns the rate of the affiliate.

affwp_selected_date_range – This merge tag gives the dynamic date range selected by you for sending out monthly/weekly digests to your affiliates. 

For example, Oct 1, 2019, to Nov 1, 2019 (in case you’ve selected the monthly option while selecting the “Affiliate Digests” event

affwp_selected_range_commissions- This merge tag returns the unpaid commission of your affiliates for the selected date range.

affwp_selected_range_referral_count – This merge tag gives the unpaid referral counts of affiliates for the specified date range.