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When you select ‘Conditional Action’ to take action based on the events, then you’ll see a number of Affiliate-specific rules that appear in the drop-down.

Take a look:


Affiliate Total Earnings – Select this rule to run your automation based on how much an affiliate has earned in a lifetime with your business.

Affiliate Unpaid Earnings – This rule lets you take action based on the total earnings of an affiliate for which they haven’t been paid yet.

Affiliate Total Visits – When you select this rule, you can take action(s) based on the total number of visits an affiliate has received (till now) on the links that they shared with their audience.

AffiliateWP Digest Range

Here are a set of digest-specific rules for your affiliates:

Referral Count (Selected Frequency) – Select this rule if you want to take action based on the number of referrals of your affiliate has created in a chosen date range.

Referral Visits (Selected Frequency) – To take action(s) based on the number of referral visits that your affiliate received in a specific date range.