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Here’s the list of events available under Affiliate WP:

Application Approved – You can set up automation to execute certain actions when an affiliate application gets approved. Send an email congratulating the affiliate, tag them in your CRM, send data to Zapier and more. 

Application Rejected – When an affiliate’s application gets rejected- again, you can execute the actions that you want. 

Application Sign up – On receiving a new application, you can engage with them via email, get them to fill up some survey, or set their expectations regarding your acceptance policy or wait period, through an email. 

Affiliate Makes A Sale – Every time an affiliate makes a sale, congratulate them for their effort and encourage them to do more of what they’re doing. 

In addition to that, if they haven’t made a sale in the past, you can send an email to buck them up and provide additional resources.

To set it up, you have to select conditional action and then ‘Affiliate Total Earnings’ from the drop-down – equals zero. 

Here’s how:


Referral Rejected – Use this event to trigger an automation upon a referral rejection. 

Affiliate Digests – This refers to a series of automated emails that go to the affiliates. You can choose the frequency of contact and set the day to send out your emails. 

Take a look:

The digest emails will go automatically on a set day and after the exact number of days you choose.