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Building your first automation

In this section of the documentation, we'll see how to set up your first automation.

Step #1: Go to add new automation >> Select an event

In the visual workflow builder, you'll have the option to select the plugin and then choose the corresponding event. Take a look: 

Next, select an event from the drop down:

Once done, hit the "Save" button.

Step #2: Choose from direct and conditional action

Direct Action: To execute an action directly 

Conditional Action: If you want a specified condition to be met before the action gets executed.

Step #3: Select an action from the drop-down

Let’s select our most commonly used action i.e. ‘Send Email’.

Take a look at the expandable interface to create your email: 

Fill out the basic details for sending out your email. 

Use merge tags for the ‘to’ section and automatically customer’s email (as entered on the checkout page) will be added here before the email gets sent. 

Craft your email body here: 


Step #4: Go from sandbox to the live mode

Simply hit the toggle button to make your automation live. 

Your first simple automation is all set to go live now. Every time a user abandons their cart, they'll get the abandonment email.

You can also create a sequence of emails, set up delays and use merge tags for personalization - all of this is covered in the subsequent sections of the documentation.

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