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Autonami allows you to set up delays in your emails and SMS campaigns if you do not want them to be triggered immediately.

It’s a great feature and you can use it when you’re creating a series or a sequence of emails. 

Here’s how you’ll be able to see it:

Select any event >> Choose ‘Send email’/’Send SMS’ as an action

When you click on the ‘Send email’/’Send SMS’ block, you’ll see the email/SMS panel on the right side.

On the email/SMS side panel,  you’ll find an option saying- “Perform this action immediately – Change”.

You’ll be able to set delays when you click on the ‘Change’ button.

Setting a delay in minutes/hours/days

Once you click on “Change”, you’ll see the options to set a time lag in minutes/hours/days: 

Here’s how it appears-

Delay the email or SMS until the specified time & day of the week

You also have the option to send out the email at a specific day of the week or at a specific time of the day.

Here’s how: