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In this section of the documentation, you will learn how to use merge tags to personalise your emails and how to personalise the coupon codes.

Creating Personalised Messages Using Merge Tags 

Use merge tags in your emails and SMSs to personalise your messages and emails. 

For example, if you’re sending out a cart abandonment email to your prospects, use merge-tags like: 




cart_recovery_link and more to personalise the content of your messages. 

When you click on “Merge tags”, you’ll get a list of merge tags to choose from: 

Copy the merge tag you need to the clipboard and paste it in the body of the email or SMS. 

Next, let’s look at created dynamic coupon codes. 

Creating Personalised and Time-Bound Coupons

Autonami allows you to create time-bound, personalised coupon codes that you can send via email. 

Let’s say you want to give a coupon to users who abandon their cart on your store like these: 


You can do that using Autonami’s merge tags and a few smart coupon settings. Let’s see how: 

Step 1: Create a coupon code in WooCommerce native 

Step 2: Select “Create Coupon” from the Actions drop-down

Take a look:

Step 3: Now customise the coupon code –

  • Select the base coupon (the coupon which you just created in WooCommerce)
  • Personalise it
  • Set coupon expiry

You can use merge tags to personalise the coupon name then set the expiry in days/months:

Step 4: Send it via email or text SMS.

Once you’ve created a coupon, you can share it with your prospects via SMS or an email.

This coupon code will have all the properties that you just set.

But always remember, the coupon is always created by using WooCommerce’s native coupon feature, Autonami only allows you to customise it and send it via email.