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UTM Parameters

In this section you’ll learn how to add UTM parameters to the links in your emails and SMSs directly from Autonami interface.

Wondering what are UTM parameters? 

UTM parameters are simply tags that are added to your URL so that the traffic source can be tracked using Google Analytics.

By using UTM parameters, you can see how many people came to the website by clicking on that particular link. 

Autonami enables you to add UTM parameters to your links. 

Adding UTM Parameter to Your Links

You can access the option to add UTM parameters to your link from the side panel when you choose ‘Send Email’ from the actions drop-down: 

So once you click on the checkbox, the UTM parameter fields get displayed.

Here you’ll need to key in the tags – Source, Medium, Campaign, Term.

Source: This tag refers to the place/platform where you’re sharing the link. For example, “twitter”, “quora”, etc.

Medium: This tag refers to the marketing medium you’ve chosen to share your link with the audience. For example, “cpc”, “product launch email”, etc.

Campaign: This tag represents the name of your campaign, like – “cybermonday”, “cartabandonment”, etc.

Term: This tag refers to the paid keywords if you’re running a paid advertisement.

These parameters will construct the link. 

Once you’re done setting up these parameters, hit the “Save” button to save your automation.

The UTM parameters will be added to all the links in your email.