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Once you establish a connection between Drip and Autonami, you’ll get access to a list of actions.

Take a look:

Adding a tag in Drip

As an example, we will add a tag in Drip when someone purchases an item and for every item they buy, the tag will be separate. 

So here’s how you can set it up.

Step #1: Create an automation in Autonami

Add new automation >> Select “Order Created – Per Item” from the Events list >> Select “Add a tag” under Drip from the Actions list

Here’s where you’ll find the event:

Select this option from the Action drop-down list:

Step #2: Customize the tag

You can use merge tags to personalize your tag and even set a delay for this action to take place.

For example, you can have “Purchased <item_name>” as a tag in your Drip account that will help you in segmenting your list with ease.

See here:

Once you’ve added the tag name, hit the “Save” button.

Step #3: Make your automation live and perform a simple test

Go to WooCommerce and purchase a demo product.

When you purchase this product, you should see a tag added in your Drip account.

Go to Drip >> Click on “People” >> Select the “Tags” option

You can see your tag listed here:

This is one of the simplest use cases of actions that can be performed with Drip using Autonami. 

There are a number of other actions which you can perform in Drip like: 

Adding subscribers to a campaign, adding subscribers to a workflow, add a new order, create custom fields of subscribers and many more.