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Thank you for purchasing Autonami to automate your workflows.

We’re excited to see how you unleash the power of behavior-based triggers in your marketing. In this section, we’ll see how to set up Autonami on your WordPress site for the very first time.

1. Login to your BuildWooFunnels account

2. Download the plugin

When you download the plugin, if you have the Basic plan, you’ll see the following plugins:

  • Autonami Marketing Automations
  • Autonami Marketing Automation Pro

And if you have the Pro or the Business plan, you’ll have access to the connectors too:

  • Autonami Marketing Automations Connectors

3. Copy the License key from your dashboard

4. Login to  your WordPress Dashboard

5. Click on Plugins → Add New

6. Install all the Autonami Marketing Automations plugins


7. Click on Allow and Continue


8. Activate License by pasting the Key here (WooFunnels > License)

9. You’ll see the Autonami dashboard with all the options to create your first automation

Now you’re ready to use Autonami, let’s proceed.