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Connecting Slack with Autonami

Slack is a third party application that allows you to socially connect with your team by sending out messages to an individual user or a group.

To use Slack with Autonami, we first need to establish a connection between the two.

Here’s how to do that: 

Step #1: Sign in to your workspace on Slack

Enter your workspace URL on Slack and hit the “Continue” button:

Step #2: Connect Autonami with Slack

Go to the “Connectors” tab in Autonami >> Hit the “Connect” button and press “Connect Me” button

You’ll find it here:

Next, hit the “Connect Me” button that appears in the popup:

Step #3: Grant permissions to Autonami for accessing your info from Slack

When you hit the “Connect Me” button, it will open up a window as shown below:

Click on “Allow” to give permission to Autonami.

Once you hit this button, Autonami will instantly get connected with your Slack account.

Step #4: Sync Autonami with Slack

Hit the "Sync" button under the Slack block in "Connectors" tab.

You’ll find the “Sync” button here:

You've now established a connection between Slack and Autonami.

You're now ready to create and run automation in Autonami using Slack.

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