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Assign/Update Membership Plan: Selecting this action will enable you to assign or update the membership plans for the members in your store.

While choosing this action, you’ll have to select –

  • Existing membership plan – Their current membership plan 
  • New membership plan – The plan to which you want to upgrade your members 

So, here are 3 things to make it clearer:

If the existing membership plan is ‘A’ and the new membership plan is ‘B’, then all the members with plan A will be upgraded to plan B.

  • If some members are already on plan B, they’ll continue with it, i.e., no action will be taken through this automation.

If you want to update the membership plan for all your members, leave the ‘Existing membership plan’ section blank.

Delete Membership Plan: When you select this action, you can delete a membership plan(s) from WooCommerce with this automation.

While choosing this action, you have to select the membership plan that you want to delete from the drop-down.