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Let’s look at the list of available WooCommerce-specific rules to run your automation.


Here’s a list of cart-related rules that you can use in your automation to make your campaigns more relevant. 

You can create your abandonment sequence based on the cart total, the items in the cart, category, coupons used or not, and some more.


See the range of product-related rules that you can use to set up automations.


Here’s a bunch of order-specific rules you can choose from.


The exact item, category, tags used, item count, type, price, and item stock size. You can add action based on the condition(s) met.


These are customer-specific rules that you can choose from to create your automation.


Here’s a rule which you can use when someone adds a review for a product in your store.

So if the rating is below your set threshold – you may add it to Google sheet or send them an email asking for feedback.