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Zapier allows you to integrate different web apps with each other. It works in the background and eliminates the need for code. 

Autonami has the same DNA.

You can connect Autonami with Zapier to pass on information and get Zapier to take any action in a third-party web app that it integrates with. 

Let’s consider a scenario for the purpose of this document: 

When a review gets added in WooCommerce and rating is 2 or below, we want to add a row in Google sheet with their name, email, rating and review.

Now we’ll see the step by step process to execute this automation in Autonami. 

Step 1: Add a new automation >> Select ‘New Review’ trigger in WooCommerce

Here’s where you’ll find the trigger:

Once done, hit the ‘Save‘ button.

Step 2: Set rules and select action for your automation

When you hit the ‘+’ icon, select ‘Conditional Action’.

Next, select the ‘Review rating count’ rule in the IF section.

Once done, hit the ‘Save‘ button.

Next, choose the action for your automation:

Hit the ‘Save‘ button.

Step 3: Log in to your Zapier account

Select “Webhooks by Zapier” from the “Choose App & Event” menu >> Select “Catch Hook” from the list of trigger events. 

Hit the ‘Continue’ button to proceed.

Step 4: Copy the webhook URL from the set-up webhook section

Here’s the screen you’ll see next:

Copy the webhook URL from Zapier and paste it in Autonami’s ‘Send data to Zapier’ action block.

 Here’s how: 

Step 5: Choose what action you want to take through Zapier >> Hit ‘Continue’

In this case, we’ve chosen Google Sheets from the drop-down: 

Step 6: Select the Google account you want Zapier to connect with


Step 7: Enter the keys and values using merge tags that you want to input in your google sheet

For Autonami to send the data in the right format, you must specify the key-value and use relevant merge tags in the right-hand column: 

Step 8: Go to Zapier and customize the Spreadsheet Row for the data to be inputted

Select the Spreadsheet >> Select the Worksheet

Map the input fields from the drop-down for each of the columns mentioned. 


Step 9: Turn ‘ON’ the Zap and activate the automation in Autonami

Slide the button to the right to turn on the zap.

Similarly, activate your automation in Autonami:

Just hold and drag it to the right and then you’ll see a green color instead – it indicates that your automation is now live.

Step 10: Test the Zap by adding a sample review

Here’s how you can add a review in WooCommerce for a product in your store:

Now open the google sheet that you connected with Zapier:

Your sheet will see the review rating, content, email and the name of the reviewer added in the row. 

Here are some useful guides to learn more about how Zapier works: