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Checkout Pages


If you are using "Cachify" plugin, you may encounter some issues with Aero/the Funnel Builder Checkout page when visiting the checkout. This is due to aggressive page caching (which is a good thing!), but it can be easily resolved by excluding the checkout page URI from cache plugin.

You need to exclude checkout pages by following these instructions-

Step 1: Note down the checkout page ID of your checkout page from here.

Step 2: Open the settings of “Cachify”

Step 3: Locate for setting "Cache Exception"

Step 4: To exclude "checkouts" pages enter your noted checkout page ID (from step 1) with special characters as shown in screenshot:

Step 5: Click on "Save all changes".

Note: By default, Checkout page's slug is "checkouts". If you had changed the checkout pages slug for any reason get the slug from Global Settings > Miscellaneous  tab > Checkout Page Slug

Note : If you are creating any Embed Form, you must need to exclude the complete URL in cache plugin's exclude settings.

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