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How to display Checkout form fields in Invoice template?

If you want to display any Checkout form field on Invoice you need to follow steps below:

Step 1: Suppose if we want to display phone number on the invoice. Click on the "Phone" field and note down the ID of the field.

Step 2: To display field label and it's value we will use field ID copied from the previous step and place it in the shortcodes below where it's written "my-checkout-field":

For Field Label: [wfacp_order_custom_field field_id="my-checkout-field" type='label']
For Field Value: [wfacp_order_custom_field field_id="my-checkout-field" type='value']

This would be the final shortcode after editing
Label : [wfacp_order_custom_field field_id="Phone Number" type='label']

Value : [wfacp_order_custom_field field_id="billing_phone" type='value']

Step 3: Now add these shortcodes to HTML template of your invoice where we need to display the field.

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