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Checkout Pages

Global Settings

1) Global Checkout

In this tab, you can choose to swap your default WooCommerce checkout page.

All you have to do is click on the 'Global Checkout' tab.

Then choose the Checkout page from the drop-down that you want to set as your default checkout page.

Next, hit the 'Save changes' button.

2) Tracking & Analytics

These settings are now moved to WooFunnels > Settings > General

3) Address Autocomplete

Here you can enter your Google API key to use Checkout's Google Address Autocomplete feature.

What is Google Address Autocomplete?

When a user enters the first few characters of their address on the checkout form, Google shows potential address suggestions.

Users can choose one and the rest of the address will get filled automatically.

4) Custom CSS

This tab lets you add any custom CSS that can be applied to all the Checkout pages

5) External Scripts

Here, you can add external JavaScripts globally applied on all the Checkout pages.

6) Advanced

In this tab, you get the option to display shipping method prices in the ascending order on the checkout page.

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