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Smart Buttons for Express Checkout

Digital wallets are very effective in increasing sales. Checking out via Apple Pay/Amazon Pay/PayPal reduces the time spent on checkout because it eliminates the need to fill out the form.

A user clicks on their preferred express checkout button and logs in to pay.

No need to enter the address, email, phone number, etc. (everything gets auto-filled).

Here’s how it appears on the checkout page

You can activate Stripe’s Apple Pay/Google Pay/Amazon Pay/PayPal in your WooCommerce store to enable the express checkout buttons on checkout.

After making the payment through one of these express checkout options, the customer gets automatically redirected to the WooCommerce thank you page.

PayPal Smart Checkout Button for Express Checkout

Follow the steps below to show the PayPal Express Checkout button on the checkout page.

Step 1: Download and install the PayPal AngelEye payment gateway plugin for your WooCommerce store by clicking on the below URL:


Step 2: Once you’ve installed the PayPal AngelEye payment gateway plugin, you need to set it up.

From your dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > PayPal Express Checkout

Here you’ll see the options to customize your PalPal Express Checkout Button.

You can go with the values shown below to set it up:

Once you’ve set it up, hit the ‘Save changes’ button.

Apple Pay

WooCommerce > Settings > Payment tab > Stripe

When the Payment Request Buttons option is selected, all types of Payment Request buttons are activated (on your site) at once.

It means that you’re now ready to accept payments via various methods with the WooCommerce Stripe payment gateway.

The available payment options are:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Customers need to have a payment method from a supported bank or payment card provider.

Find the list of supported ones here.

Find the list of compatible Apple devices here.

Here's how you can offer Apple pay on your site via the WooCommerce Stripe payment gateway:

Go to the Stripe.com Dashboard > Settings > Apple Pay

Next, add your site URL there.

Add your site's domain exactly as it loads, includes the www, or leave it out, but remove https://.

You do not need to upload the verification file to your site – the extension does this for you in the background.

The domain will then show on your Apple Pay Stripe page under 'On the Web domains.'

There you go! You've now configured Stripe Apple Pay for your WooCommerce store.

Now let's move on to Google Pay.

Google Pay

Enable the Payment Request Buttons option.

There is no other setup to accept payments via these methods.

Note: These Payment Request buttons usually only show a saved payment method in the browser or device being used.

Customers need to have a payment method from a supported bank or payment card provider.

That's it! You've now set up Stripe Apple Pay and Google Pay for WooCommerce.

Enable Express Buttons

Now go to WooFunnels > Checkouts

Select the Checkout page for which you want to enable the PayPal Express Checkout option.

Next, go to the ‘Optimizations’ tab.

When you scroll down, you’ll see the option to enable the Express Checkout buttons.

Simple click on ‘Yes’ and hit on ‘Save changes

Additionally, you also get the option to specify these buttons' position - top of the checkout page, Before Order Summary, After Order Summary, etc.

Now click on the ‘View’ icon to preview your checkout page and see how the express checkout button appears.

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