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Shortcode to create product specific embed form

If you want to create a product-specific embed checkout form, you can add the parameter "product_ids" with the embed form shortcode.

[wfacp_forms id='XXXX' product_ids='YYYY']

First, we will learn how to create a shortcode for embed checkout form and then we will add the parameter "product_ids" to the shortcode.

Create a New Checkout Page

  • Click on the Add New button.
  • Enter the Name of the page. This is for administrative purposes and is not visible to users.
  • Press Create a Checkout and you will be redirected to Checkout Builder.
Add checkout step

Pick a Checkout Form template

  • Click on the 'Others' under page builder in the 'Design' tab. Here you'll get a collection of 3 different checkout form templates, classified into steps.
  • Select a checkout form template as per your needs and click on import.
Checkout Form template

Add a product

Add a product to the checkout page
  • Click on Add a product
  • Select Product to be added to checkout page
  • Enter discount percentage and increase quantity if required
  • Hit the 'Save changes' button.
Product added to the checkout page

Design your Checkout Form

  • Go to the Fields tab. By default the form comes with basic fields.
  • Add new fields, drag-and-drop to rearrange them, edit them or remove them.
  • Create multi steps if you want to.
Checkout form fields

Embed the Checkout Form

Go to the 'Design' tab and copy the embed form short-code.

checkout form shortcode

Now you need to add 'product_ids' parameter to this shortcode to make it product specific.

[wfacp_forms id='XXXX' product_ids='YYYY']
Here "YYYY" is your product ID

You can get the product ID under WooCommerce > Products section.

WooCommerce Product ID

The final short-code will be like this:

[wfacp_forms id='12354' product_ids='87']

Now add this short-code to the product for which you want to use the product-specific checkout form.

add this short-code to the product

Click on "Update" button to save changes.

Update to save the changes

Final Output:

Final output

This is how you can use shortcodes to create product-specific embed form.

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